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Live Betting On The NBA – Secrets Of Earnings : Part 5

Live Betting On The NBA – Secrets Of Earnings : Part 5

The same referee

One quite easy to believe that, in the end, was found the first referee who wanted to use his official position. It’s really convenient – steam whistle and the game is yours. But we still can not rely on such a subjective thing, as our eyes and ears. Even if we see an example of one-sided refereeing, we can not be sure that the same team in the same conditions, will work in the same “key”. But we can be sure that some judges under certain conditions can bring us good returns. Secretes secrets

One of the most famous observations in betting on basketball NBA – bet on odds guest team when the match runs the legendary Joey Crawford. This pattern really exists and works well in live betting on the NBA. In the last 5 years Joey Crawford – one of the most “profitable” guest judges. He “loves” helping visiting teams, play after the first half, to make up part of the gap in the second. And this trend is not alone: for the last 3 seasons the greatest success in this area reached Brian Forte, Tony Brothers, Monty McCutchen and Tony Brown.

It was written not one article on the subject of why these patterns occur from year to year. Everything depends on the human psychology. Same thing with the players. Some people really like to play on the road, where you get sick against 15-20 thousand people. Someone, on the contrary, is contraindicated to play away from home. If you dig the topic with the five judges a little deeper, we see an interesting feature: the highest percentage of wins they give those stadiums where people come to the most serious fans, “Nix”, “Boston”, “Lakers,” “Sacramento” and some others . This is a very interesting trend, already known for a long time, but does not have much popularity, and hence not to attract the attention of the bookmakers. And it should be used.

The live betting on the NBA it is important to remember the following: Do not be afraid to bet on the weak, can not be afraid of the big factors, one should not underestimate the match schedule, it is impossible not to include in their predictions of judges and can not forget the goal that put the team in front of him. Conditional “Philadelphia” can beat visiting conditional “Golden State” by a factor of 10 in the second half. Especially if the game runs on Joey Crawford.

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