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Ways to get the free bitcoins

Ways to get the free bitcoins

Nowadays, the Bitcoins are getting increased popularity among the people instant of money. As everyone knows, the Bitcoins are the form of digital currency that is definitely helpful to making the payment securely. This is why most of the people like to prefer the Bitcoins for their online purchase.

As the same way, some crypto currencies are available as the Bitcoins like DogeCoin, Bitcoin, NXT, PeerCoin, NameCoin and more. In fact, the crypto currencies were introduced in 2009, but the Bitcoins are getting famous like the paper currency.

However, it is the time for you to get the Bitcoins to start your online purchase. In fact, you can get these Bitcoins through the exchange platform and this is one of the best ways to avail them in the safest method.

Of course, it is also now possible to obtain the Bitcoins for free of cost. Yes, you can continue the reading to avail the free Bitcoins without need to spend your valuable time and money.

Obtain the free Bitcoins without any effort

The first and foremost things that you have to do are that creating your own bitcoin address for getting the free bitcoins. Yes, there are a variety of bitcoin wallets that are available throughout the internet and so you need to make sure the one that you pick the best one. For this purpose, you can also use the for setting up the bitcoin wallet.

Once you have done so, you can get these free Bitcoins easily as your way. Of course, you will also see some other ways to get the bitcoins for free of cost.

Access and signup the variety of Bitcoin faucets

Actually, the bitcoin faucet is a platform that assures you to reward the users with the free Bitcoins in the easiest way. In fact, most of the bitcoin faucets are designed with the advertisements and they can help the user to know about their running. While some other sites can make the money through the referral programs where the users have to refer other users to the particular website for availing the free bitcoins.

You can also check out some other bitcoin faucets that are available through online as below.


When you signed up on this site, you can get a variety of bitcoins, LiteCoins, FeatherCoins, PeerCoins, VirtaCoins, Darkcoins and more.


With the help of this CCN bitcoin faucet, you can allow to claim up to 10000 free satoshis for every 5 minutes. In fact, it pays higher than the QoinPro.

BTC Central

This faucet can help the user to claim up to 300 satoshies for every 2 hours. You can easily avail these Bitcoins by filling your bitcoin address without need to signup.

bitcoins faucets list

Some other Bitcoin websites are,
WyteWoldBTC – get 100 satoshis for 1 hour
Cryptorials – get 80 satoshis for 1 hour
Bitcointdrips – avail 100 satoshis for every 2 hours
CrystalBit – Obtain 100 satoshis for every 20 minutes
Bitcobear – Avail 250 satoshis for 140 minutes

Check the for getting the list of bitcoin faucets. Even though, a variety of bitcoin faucet websites are available, there is also some possible to have the fraudulent sites. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing the best platform.

Earn Bitcoins through playing the game

You can earn Bitcoins by playing the games like Cash Flapper, Cash Frog, Coin Flapper, Cash Bird, Cash Tower and more.

Get Bitcoins through the classic books

Get paid by reading the books like Prejudice, timeless Classic and Peter pan. So, you can choose your book by signing up for earning the bitcoins.

Sign up to the referral programs or the affiliate programs

Some Bitcoin based casinos also offer the bitcoins for the users when they refer any players for their sites. Furthermore, you can also avail the bonuses like welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and more by playing the casino games. As well as, the bitcoin affiliate programs are also available and so you can use these kinds of the sites for availing the best benefits.

Fill the captcha to earn more free bitcoins

It is also possible to earn Bitcoins by filling the captcha on the sites like

With these help of these bitcoins, the players can do anything as they want. So, you can easily avail them by filling some tasks like reading books, referring friend and more. However, there are some duplicates may available and therefore, you need to be cautious while getting the free Bitcoins for your purpose.

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